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Advice RingAdvice  Ring:
contains advice sites of all kinds: relationship advice, self-improvement sites, dating and intimacy advice, and anything else pertaining to solving relationship problems of every nature. The Advice Ring is a webring of sites that offer advice on a variety of subjects, including dating, relationships, parenting, teen issues and much more. 
If you have a website that offers advice on these subjects, join the Advice Ring! 
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 Conditions on Joining 

Before you submit your site, please read these guidelines:

In order for your site to be acceptable, your site cannot charge for any advice or services.
Any sexual content must not be pornographic.
You will be required to insert some HTML code into your website. This code must be placed on the front page of your site (the URL you submit), and not on a "links" page.
Do not link directly to the ring graphics, please save a copy of them on your own server. If the ring fragment is not added to your site within one week, it will be removed from the queue. The image for our ring is above (top right). 
To save: right click on the image and choose "save as".Then upload the saved image to your own server.
Make sure you change the ring html with where you saved the image to your server, or it will not show properly.
(Find the line that starts with IMG SRC="http://yourserver/sromancering.gif") Change "yourserver" to the domain name in which your files reside on.

These sites are all linked together in a circular fashion. We will monitor the ring often to ensure that all sites are romance-related, and that the sites are appropriate for admission to this web-ring.
Please note that a site will be dropped if it does not contain the html fragment, contains and sort of objectionable material or material not relating to the subjects above, or the fragment is not on the page you submitted. 
To Join: Please Click Here

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The Advice Ring
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