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Read All About "Butterfli's" Date From Hell!
*****Corresponded with a guy I met thru personals for a while and it seemed like we really had a lot in common.  He wants to meet and I'm really not sure we should as I'm newly separated and have been married for some time.  Just the thought of dating again makes me nauseous.  Anyway, I agree to meet him at this bar/restaurant for dinner.  He says he's about 5'10", brown hair, brown eyes, slender, an office manager.  Ok says I, let's give it a try.  I get to the place early so I can check it out and not get into a bad situation.  As I watched the entrance to the place, this filthy, rolling deathwagon comes into the parking lot and, of course, parks next to me.  5'10"???  I don't think so.  Stuart Little jumps out of the car and says "you look just like your picture".  Can I tell you he looked nothing like his picture.  He opens my door and I notice he's wearing a long black coat.  Plleeease lord, promise me he has something on under that coat.  We go into restaurant, he takes off coat and he has clothes on that must have lain in a dirty clothes pile for a month.  Rumpled pants, rumpled dirty shirt, no socks and shoes from the 40's. I wanted to bolt out the door.  Had told him I'm kinda
shy...that didn't work.  He kept stroking my hair telling me I was beautiful.  I kept leaning back into the booth and I'm sure it still has my spinal column indented in it.  Ordered a sandwich - no, no dinner thank you - I'm not that hungry.  Now we get to the nails on those grubby hands.  Dear God...there were past civilizations there.  Long, dirty of my personal favorites.  Now we talk a little and I can't believe this is the same guy; he must have lost his brains when he hit a pothole or something.  He's talking sex, weekends away and getting feely.  I gotta leave.  I choke down half the sandwich, have the rest wrapped and say its time to get home...I've got to work tomorrow and I try to make a bolt for the door moving as fast as my sneakers will let me.  Oh no, he grabs my arm before I'm out the door and he has my coat arm in a death grip!!  I run, dragging him a little behind me and leap into my truck, pulling the door closed behind me.  He positions himself in the door and I almost squash him like a bug.....but no such luck.  He's trying to kiss me telling me how I'm much better looking than my picture.  I panic when he tries to stick his tongue in my mouth, nail him in the chest sending him on his butt and raced my car on to the street.  Thank you Lord for positraction and a big engine!  I'm going to wait a while till I do this again.

*****Well, I had an ad online to meet local people as I was new to the area. One guy answered the ad and we began to correspond over a couple of weeks. We finally decided to talk on the phone and when he called me, I should have known better! He had appeared to be successful and smart from the emails we had exchanged, and he also had a nice voice on the phone...well until he turned the subject to sex. He told me he didn't believe people should waitfor any period of time before having sex, that they should just do it and get it over with and then worry about the rest of the issues that new couples had to overcome. I voiced that I didn't agree with his theory, but since we were supposedly just talking, I didnt think much of it. Well he finally did ask me out and I made it very clear that there would be no sex between us right away if at all. He laughed and said it was fine that he understood and would never force the issue. With that said, I actually started to look forward to the date. The evening of the date, I tried to arrive a little earlier than we had planned so that I could check out the situation before I couldn't get out of it should I decide that going home was a better idea...somehow, though I was half an hour early, he was earlier. I was sitting in my car glancing around for any sign of him (we had exchanged pictures and his, he assured me, was from earlier in the year). I didnt see anyone that resembled his picture so I just sat in the car. Well all of a sudden I see someone walking up to my car. Let's just say I was NOT impressed.  This guy was at LEAST 25 to 30 lbs heavier than the picture I'd seen, and didn't really look the same at all. I tried to be a sport about it though and smiled as I opened my door. I think I got one foot on the pavement before I found myself being pulled out of the car and wrapped up in a full bear hug and being kissed full on the mouth (his breath was absolutely horrible as well). I had to push him off of me to get it across to him that this was NOT what I had in mind. I am a hopeless optomist and I continued to try to make the best of the situation, thinking that if I acted pissed and told him that if he didnt stop acting like I was dinner, that we would never go to dinner at all. He kept apologizing all the while trying to slide his hand up my thigh. The evening should have ended there, but again,I thought I had gotten my point across. We met at a mutual place that was easy to find, but had planned to go to a different restaurant to eat.  I stupidly agreed to take his car to the restaurant that we had agreed on for dinner. I was stupid for believing that the episode in the parking lot where we met (it was a public place ) was the end of the embarrassment....I was so humiliated in the restaurant, people were staring at him (and me) while the battle continued to keep his hands off me. I couldn't get back to my car soon enough!!! Needless to say, I avoided any contact after that horrible evening and jokingly nicknamed him the octopus. I take much longer before even talking on the phone with people now!!!

*****I met this guy on the net. We talked to each other for about a year or so before we decided to meet. he said he was built w/ muscles, he was about 6'2, very athletic, brown hair/eyes very attractive etc. we gave each other our name, I gave a fake one.well any ways, we met at a restaurant in town. I showed up before he did so I got a table and waited on him. suddenly this ugly, fat guy shows up, walks in and sees me. he asked are you Kim? I say " Yes, may I help you?"    He said, "I am Bob". I played it dumb, making him seem like he had the wrong person. he left, finally, after making a big fuss. that was the last time I ever agree to meet anyone from the net again!!

*****Ok here goes...  It was Valentines Day 1999 and my soon to be ex husband was having one of his shall we say little friends over for the weekend.  I was desperate...  I couldn't be in that house and the guy from aol I thought I was in love with had canceled on me yet again.  Another excuse from him.  So I got online and this guy who had the major hots on me was on.  He had sent me a picture it was blurry but he didn't look like an ogre.  So I invited him up for the week end.  At least I wouldn't be alone.  And he only lived in New Jersey three hours from the town in Connecticut I lived at the time.  I was actually excited when he said yes.  I think it was more just because I was in a way heartbroken at my husbands way he was showing me he was over me. Well I give him directions and we set up a meeting place... 
      Me and a friend walk to the donut shop where he and I are supposed to meet.  (NEVER MEET AN INTERNET GUY ANYWHERE THAT IS NOT PUBLIC AND I ADVISE TAKING A FRIEND!)  He shows up late I know his car because he actually told the truth about his brand new RAV4...  I hadn't seen him yet just the car so I am thinking "Hey maybe I got lucky..."  Boy was I wrong...  He gets out of the car and I just wanted to run...  Tall fat ugly are the words that come to mind.  But I couldn't be in that house when she was there.  So to the hotel we head.  I had picked the hotel so at least I knew it was nice.  We go and check n and he asks if I want to get something to eat.  I am thinking, "Cool I could go for a steak or something and maybe I will get a rose out of it as well...."  WRONG!  We leave the hotel and drive down the strip where all the restaurants are and he pulls up to the TACO BELL!  Lets just say the night only got worse from there. LOUSY EVERYTHING!  I got home and deleted and blocked his screen name and refused to accept his calls...  Since then I have met Mr. wonderful on the Internet and we are getting married so my luck changed but I will never forget that awful weekend! 

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